IT Services

Server Solutions

Whether you are a small, medium or large business owner , you are acutely aware of the bottom line. You want all of your investments, including technology investments, to pay off over the long term. With the right Server Solutions in place, it would leave employees with less time dealing with IT problems and more time focusing on business growth and innovation.

Based on your business requirements our team of experts can consult you on the right server solutions you require in order to meet your objectives, increase efficiency and flexibility, reduce data loss, secure data, and automate systems and processes.

We can offer you a variety of options from a single server deployment for small offices to a High Availability Data Centre scenario for the most demanding infrastructures. Any solution can be designed and implemented to suit your business requirements.

As an IT Manager, your main concern is to have the right server solution in place in order to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of your department, which in turn contributes to the overall growth and prosperity of the entire business.

Our team of experts can work side by side with you and your team to design and develop the right solution that can perfectly meet the requirements of your organization.

We can offer anything from sale of hardware and licenses to a fully operation server infrastructure deployment. We can deliver stand-alone servers, virtualised servers, redundant, as well as high availability scenarios.

Our server solutions can bring you substantial benefits by:

  • Keeping critical data and business information secure
  • Connecting employees to shared resources such as printers and fax machines
  • Creating a paperless work environment through internal web portals and document management systems
  • Secure, remote access to e-mails, calendars, contacts, and documents via mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, slates, and mobile phones
  • Centralizing administration to keep systems up to date
  • Prevention of risk and infection, as well as ensuring access is secured across platforms
  • Group policies and software tools to administer one-to-many changes, such as desktop lockdown policies
  • Simplify support by automating common functions such as password resets
  • Employing a single directory to store identities and authenticate and authorize users
  • Maximizing virtualization efforts to get the most from resources and applications
  • Address network issues before they become a problem

Computers and Peripherals

Chrisons can supply you with a wide range of personal computers, laptops, and peripherals through our partnership with the most renowned and trusted manufacturers.

Our service can also include delivery, installation, and configuration.

Server, Desktop, and Application Virtualisation

In the past few years, vitualization has gained an increasing popularity within the Information Technology field due to the high performance, high availability, and high security it provides, all at a lower cost.

As a Business Owner, Return on Investment (ROI) is challenging to achieve following each investment. The IT department, being at the core of each organization, can generate a great ROI following the implementation of Virtualization. The ROI is characterised by the significant cost savings virtualization can offer, including power savings, cooling savings, physical hardware as well as hardware resources savings, licensing savings, and physical space.

In addition, virtualising servers, desktops, or applications enables your IT department to have more centralised management of your IT systems, reduces support costs, uses resources more efficiently, increases productivity, and increases security.

Our solutions provide server virtualisation using Microsoft’s Hyper-V, VMWare, and XenServer.

We provide VDI using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services, Microsoft VDI, and Citrix VDI.

Moreover, we can virtualise applications using Microsoft Remote Desktop Apps (or AppV) as well using Citrix XenApp.

Our solution allows your IT department to:

  • Simplify IT operations with centralized management of applications and computers, significantly reducing IT TCO
  • Optimize delivery securely across locations, users, and devices to provide the best user experience possible
  • Respond quickly to the dynamics of your changing business with a single, efficient IT infrastructure
  • Achieve significant cost savings in power consumption, cooling, physical hardware and hardware resources, licensing, and rack space.

IT Consultancy

Chrisons approaches projects primarily from a consulting perspective rather than a sales one. Our main objective is to provide cost effective and innovative solutions that can help meet all your company’s requirements as well as leveraging your assets to improve automation and information flow.

We believe that choosing the right technology solution for your company can cater to a limited IT budget whilst simultaneously gaining you a greater advantage and reducing risk.

Through its consultancy services, our team of experts evaluates technology for your business, measures potential impact, and designs and coordinates the implementation/migration of technology. Moreover, we plan a defined framework for managing operations, risks and business continuity.

We can also prepare knowledge transfer workshops tailored to the implemented technology for higher efficiency of your IT department as well as provide feasibility studies and infrastructure design services.

Preventative Maintenance and Support

At Chrisons we commit ourselves to providing the highest level of Preventative Maintenance and Support; an essentially vital element which ensures the company’s infrastructure is consistently reliable, protected, backed-up, and runs efficiently.

This service is usually provided on a yearly contract basis whereby support is provided following support requests. In addition, we schedule a once-per-year visit to the customer’s site to physically review and maintain the infrastructure. Throughout the year, our team of experts also takes a proactive role in preventing any system failures at the customer’s infrastructure. We focus on maintaining Servers and Workstations and always work with proven procedures, regularly updating and maintaining infrastructure systems.