Data Services

Object Counting Solutions

We can offer Object Counting solutions, using IP Surveillance Cameras with an advanced motion detection feature. This newly developed detection method provides much more information about what is happening in the live image and allows for the implementation of advanced analytical functionality, which is performed using the CCTV software and not at camera level, enabling full utilisation of the IP Camera’s functionality and thus maximising investment.

Example Applications:

  • Streets for data capture
  • Parking Entrances/Exits
  • Shops/Buildings Entrances/Exits
  • Manufacturing/Warehousing

 Motion Mapping

With the use of IP Cameras we can offer a Motion Map facility, whereby images can show a colour gradient contour map representing the total movement in the image over a time period.

We can also provide weekly/monthly data analysis reports and consultancy.

Example Applications:

  • Retail Shops
  • Public Institutions, e.g. Museums
  • Stadiums and Event Halls

 Data Collection Solutions

We can offer Data Collection solutions, using Handheld Scanners, for a number of applications. Data can be collected in any format, such as: text, numerical, time/date, barcodes, images, etc. We can also offer solutions for data storage, synchronisation, and manipulation according to customer requirements.

Example Applications:

  • Government Census
  • Distribution/Warehousing/Stock Control
  • Questionnaires
  • Generation of Databases

 Video Streaming Solutions

Chrisons Co. Ltd and Debliteck Services Ltd have joint forces to deliver an online live video streaming service. The high quality live video service can be applied in a plethora of environments to demonstrate traffic on streets, live monitoring, development in construction, wildlife, events coverage, and many more. We are currently enhancing this solution to offer a paid service, whereby our customers will be able to resell the service to event organisers, wedding services, sports events and many more.

An example of this solution can be found here:

Server Room Environmental Monitoring

A Server room is a very secure and sensitive area which may be prone to environmental problems which can result in costly downtime, damage to equipment and, on occasion, loss of critical data. Moreover, equipment failure, power outages and sometimes human errors may cause catastrophic IT problems that can have knock-on effects on the entire organization. Thus, server rooms of any size require an environmental monitoring system that can detect any problem as early as possible.

At Chrisons, we provide you with a comprehensive system that can monitor temperature, humidity, flood/leak, light intensity, smoke, dust, air flow and many other conditions. The system can be controlled via its own software which sends Email, SMS, and SNMP notifications and alerts, ensuring the appropriate personnel is informed and can respond as quickly as possible.