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Our hosted telephony service has proven very popular in the financial industry and multi-country deployments due to the excellent value that it offers, the large number of countries from which we can provide DIDs, the excellent Quality of Service, the high level of support that we offer, as well as its ability to serve multiple sites across the globe as if they were all in a single location.

Our system can provide a fully functional IP Telephony solution over a carrier-grade platform. The features included in the system are as follows, but not limited to:

  • DIDs in over 70 countries with local landlines as well as Toll Free Numbers (Each DID can accommodate multiple simultaneous calls, depending on country)
  • Competitive Call Rates with top quality of service
  • Multiple IVRs
  • Time Schedules
  • Queues
  • Hunt Groups
  • Call Centre functionality
  • Call Monitoring with Statistics
  • Bulk Dialer
  • Conference Bridge
  • Voicemail to Email
  • Pickup Groups
  • Feature Codes
  • Feature Prefixes
  • Call Recording (Recorded files can be sent automatically to a destination of your choice via an API)
  • Reports
  • Integration with 3rd party applications, such as CRM, via our API

If you already have a locally installed IP PBX we are able to provide DIDs in over 70 countries with Local Landlines as well as Toll Free Numbers.

Our hosted SIP Trunks will allow you to take advantage of our competitive call rates which offer top quality of service.


If you wish to use our system as a fully functional hosted PBX we can provide an extension for each one of your users. Each extension is charged with a small setup fee which then applies on a recurring basis every month thereafter.

If you will use our system as a hosted SIP Trunk then you will need a single extension for all your DIDs in order for your IP PBX to authenticate outgoing calls.


We take the quality of our services very seriously and that is why we co-operate with the best carriers globally in order to deliver the best possible value for money. We are always happy to setup demo accounts for our customers so that they can test the quality of our calls prior to committing to our services.

Setup Costs

If you wish to use our system as a fully functional hosted PBX we will then assist you in designing and configuring the system in order to best fit your requirements. Our setup costs will reflect the complexity of the design as well as the number of users which will be configured. The cost is negligible with respect to the benefits that the system offers. This service is quoted accordingly on a per case basis and it is only charged once off.

Dynamic Caller ID

If you have multiple DIDs from us, we are able to dynamically configure the system so that it automatically detects the destination that you are calling. It will then display the DID of that particular destination so that your customers will see a local number as Caller ID. This will dramatically increase the number of phone calls that will be answered by your prospect customers. When they call back, they will be able to do so on that same number, meaning that they will only be charged local rates. For all other destinations where you do not have a local number we will display a default number of your choice.


We take security very seriously and thus we are able to implement a series of functions that will provide our customers with peace of mind:

  • Screen calls before they are answered
  • Restrict IP from which each extension can register
  • Restrict the IP from which the system can make outgoing calls
  • Restrict number of calls to/from each extension
  • Restrict maximum call spending per day
  • Restrict maximum concurrent inbound/outbound/total calls
  • Restrict total spending by applying a Credit Limit


Our technical team specialises in supporting the system from end to end. We give high priority to all our customers and always respond in a timely fashion. All support requests are important to us as are our clients.

For support requests regarding specific calls, we will analyse the route of the call from the end to end and pin-point the cause(s) so that we can assist you in solving the problem from its root.

IP Phones & Softphones

Our system is compatible with most IP Phones on the market. Although not all brands and models have been tested, we usually like to recommend the ones that we are confident are fully compatible. These are:

Yealink –

Grandstream –

Snom –

Cisco SPA series – and

Our system can also be used with softphones on computers and mobile devices. The ones that have been tried and tested and are fully compatible are the Bria –

Interoperability with Manufacturers

Our hosted SIP Trunks have been tested and approved for interoperability with Yeastar. Our ITSP Partner logo and description can be found on the Yeastar website. Yeastar had the following to say about their testing, “We are pleased to say the interop test has finished. And the test result shows that the outbound calls and inbound calls works fine, as well as DTMF, CODECs and other features.”


Please feel free to Contact us for any enquiries.