Patients Insurance Management System

Our customer, an established medical centre, dealing mostly with patients covered with health insurance, required a system by which they could manage and archive each medical case. Chrisons responded by delivering a custom-built “Patients Insurance Management System”.

The system is fully web based and allows our client to manage their patients’ records, create and manage patient cases, to a high level of detail, regarding medical examination, treatment costs, medication, diagnosis, and insurance details.

The system also handles the records as well as provides Examination Reports, Proforma Invoices, and Invoices to the Insurance and Assist companies that deal with each patient case.

The pre-defined Reports, which have been tailor-made to follow strict requirements, allow our client to have a full overview of all records and patient cases. The Reports are also archived on a per year basis, which makes it easy for our client to plan their business startegically as well as provide reports to their Auditors.